Thursday, January 19, 2012

First post

So I was looking at some random author's blog earlier today and realized that there was a little thing up at the top of the screen with my e-mail address and an option to go to my dashboard. Guess I created an account awhile back and didn't remember it. Oops. Anyway, I figured it was the perfect opportunity to create another blog (other than my old livejournal, which I never use anymore) since I've been meaning to do it for I don't even know how many months. Maybe I'll actually use this one. name is Mary. Nice, classic name I guess. It was the most popular name for girls in 1900, I believe. I have a degree in Creative Writing and hope to become a published author one day. Not hope in the sense that it'd be nice to write something and get it published, but hope in the sense that I am determined to get it done within the next few years. Or at least to give it my best shot. I also have a couple of online columns that I write for, one for horror movies and one for young adult fiction.
So since I am a writer, I love reading. I read as much as I can, mostly YA stuff but I'll pick up just about anything that looks interesting. And obviously I love horror movies, or I wouldn't write about those either. I also love traveling, especially to see random boy bands, but I live in the middle of nowhere and work during the week for an hourly wage, so I don't get to do that too often.
Anyway, that's the main stuff about me. Guess if you want to know more, you'll just have to keep reading the stuff I post.

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