Friday, January 20, 2012

Why can't people just be responsible?

So last Friday at work, one of my supervisors asked me to cover someone's shift. It was the midday shift, so I got there at 10 and was supposed to leave at 6 (I work at the cafe/snack bar in Target). Well, the girl who was supposed to close didn't show up. Most of us aren't even sure if she worked there anymore or why she was even on the schedule because she hasn't been showing up lately. Actually, a lot of people have been doing that. We've lost 3 or 4 people because they just stopped showing up and sort of got fired by default.
So when this girl hadn't shown up by 5 or so, another supervisor who came in asked me to close. And I was I had already worked almost 40 hours that week, no way was I going to close. And nobody else could do it, so we shut the place down early. Well, guess what happened this week? The exact same freaking thing. I worked the same shift, the same girl was supposed to close and didn't show up, and the same person -- me -- had to shut down early.
I don't really mind working some shifts I wasn't supposed to work because more hours means more money, right? But I don't get how you can just not show up for work. Even if you don't want to work there anymore, why not just quit? It's so much easier than having to say you got fired when you look for another job. I just can't imagine being that irresponsible. Of course I get paid more when I cover those people's shifts, but I have a life too and really don't care to stand on my feet for 8 hours at a time serving icees to whiny little children.

Anyway...while I was at work, my mom went to the library and got a bunch of books I had on hold. Yay! Too bad I can't spend the whole weekend reading...I've got dinner plans for tomorrow night and I have to work again Sunday. But at least I'm in Starbucks Sunday. Woo hoo. :D

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