Sunday, April 22, 2012

The Big Bang Theory and writing

My parents have a habit of unintentionally getting me into new sitcoms every time I come home -- or sometimes just at random intervals. When I came home for Christmas freshman year of high school, I started watching Reba with my mom. Since I've moved back home after college, I've started watching The Nanny with my mom, Frasier with my dad, and The Big Bang Theory with both of them.
The Big Bang Theory is right up my alley. Nerds and aspiring actors -- need I say more? But my favorite character on the show is, without a doubt, Sheldon Cooper. Sheldon is unlike any real person or fictional character I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. If he ever came into my work and I had to deal with him as a customer, I would probably quit right then and there. But as a TV character, he is absolutely fascinating.
In one of last night's episodes, Sheldon, a physicist and Cal Tech, was trying to solve a physics problem. Instead of doing what normal people do -- you know, spending some time eating, sleeping, and socializing in addition to solving the problem -- he goes at it head on. Sleep? Hygiene? Sanity? Forget all of that. Sheldon goes so far as to joining his neighbor Penny at her waitressing job so he can occupy himself with "menial" tasks and free up his mind to solving the aforementioned problem.
Sheldon is not crazy. His mother had him tested, he insists. But he is certainly dedicated, almost to the point that it makes him go crazy. That's how I've felt for the past few days. I hate sitting around waiting for something to happen and, even though I am working on other things and occupying my mind, I can't help but wonder: I am a writer...but will I ever be an author? If I give writing half the attention and dedication that Sheldon gives his work, I think the answer is yes, one day I will be.

But I still hate waiting. Even if I am working in the process.

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