Sunday, May 13, 2012

The world's greatest time wasters

This pretty much sums up how I've felt for the past few days. (source)

You know how when you're in high school and college, you get down to finals week and are basically doing nothing but studying your butt off for nearly a week? You stuff yourself with junk food when you need a break, get together in study groups, and become best friends with your coffee pot (or local Starbucks). And then finals are over and suddenly you're completely burned out and have the whole summer (or December) to relax. Kind of a nice contrast, huh?
Even though I'm not in school anymore and, therefore, have no finals to worry about, I guess living in a college town has rubbed off on me because I'm feeling a bit burned out too. Just like when I spent all those hours studying for college finals, my brain feels like it was just dipped in grease and warmed over a skillet for half a day. The work of a writer never ends, but I have been working significantly less over the past couple of days in the hopes of "sharpening the saw," so to speak. Also, I have about 80 trillion library books checked out right now and need to finish those up before I get stuck with as much due in late fees. (You know how some people go into the grocery store planning to buy 5 things and they come out with 20? Yeah, that's me in a library. And on iTunes. And at McDonald's...)

So what do you do when your brain cells have all sort of pooled together on the grease-filled bottom of your brain to fry? Why, you fry them, of course! I've spent the majority of the past week watching the Disney Channel and old episodes of Laguna Beach.

And I'll definitely have to get back to writing sometime. Probably within the next few days because even though I can't quite bring myself to pick up the pen again, I'm itching to do it. I just don't know what the heck to do yet. Or I somehow do but keep managing to avoid it. I'm an expert procrastinator, especially when Stephen Colletti is on my TV screen.

My point is, doing absolutely nothing isn't always a waste of time. Sometimes it's just what you need to recharge your batteries and  come back better than ever. The lovely Veronica Roth blogged also blogged about this very subject a couple of years ago, and now she's a full-time writer. So, you know, I'm not totally crazy.

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