Thursday, December 20, 2012

Dare to fail

I don't keep up a great deal with pop culture. I know the basics, but all of these overexposed memes, songs, dance moves, etc. are not things I'm too aware of. Though I guess I use the term overexposed rather loosely; it's hard to get sick of something when you rarely see it. So I don't have the problem of getting tired of things that I once loved or that were once extremely popular.
But then there are the pop culture phenomenons you can't get away from. The ones that you will inevitably see 8 million times and become intimately familiar with unless you stop watching TV and getting on the internet altogether.

And then you'd have to move here. (source)

One of those phenomenons was the video for Call Me Maybe. The song is by a Canadian singer named Carly Rae Jepsen (I won't lie, I did have to google her name to make sure I spelled it right). It's basically about her going after a guy and giving him her number, rather than letting him pursue her like she usually does. It's cute and catchy, and with a little help from her fellow Canadian Justin Bieber, the song became one of the most popular of the year.
But what really made this song stand out is the video. After a good three minutes of watching this muscular shirtless dude mowing his lawn and envisioning their faces together on the cover of a romance novel, she lures him over by washing her car in a skimpy outfit and playing a song for him. After the song, he proceeds to hit on her male guitar player. Yep, this chick just spent an entire song throwing herself at this guy who will never, ever, ever be interested in her. Like, ever.

Five years from now, nobody will get that joke. (source)

But a lot of us do that, don't we? Even if you've never accidentally hit on a gay guy, we've all attempted to do something and failed, and we've probably all attempted to do things we were inevitably going to fail at, no matter what. Like trying to propose marriage to Justin Bieber via twitter or not listening to Call Me Maybe or trying to get through an entire episode of Jersey Shore without losing faith in humanity.
My dad and I laughed for a good five minutes after watching Carly Rae fail miserably at getting the guy, but you've got to give the girl props for trying. If you try something difficult or that you're afraid of failing at, you might fail. But if you don't try, you'll definitely fail. See, aren't the odds much better when you try?

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