Monday, June 24, 2013

Writing as escape

Most people don't realize it, but I absolutely love Ke$ha. You know, the dance/rap/pop singer who's obsessed with glitter and mostly sings about drinking, partying, and hooking up. She and I just have so much in common.

Most of the things I hear about Ke$ha are negative. It surprises even me sometimes that I like her. I rarely drink, party, or hook up. Sometimes I feel like I'm the only person my age who would rather spend Friday night at Starbucks than at a club. Yet for all the twentysomethings that live this lifestyle and claim that it's "normal" (as if those of us who don't partake in it are, you know, weird), the singer who unabashedly glamorizes it gets bashed to high heaven. Kind of ironic. But I digress.

I'm a pretty mellow person. It takes a lot to get me excited. So most of the music I listen to is just the opposite -- upbeat and energizing. Ke$ha definitely falls into this category. But why do I particularly enjoy listening to songs about a lifestyle that I'm not a part of at all? Because sometimes, when I'm looking for entertainment, I'm not looking for reliability. 

I'm looking for an escape.

I'd imagine this is one of the reasons why so many people my age do party. Life is rough, and when you're in your twenties and just transitioning into the proverbial "real world," it seems extra rough. And not only are you used to the little comforts of being a teenager and having your parents to fall back on (now you have to do all that grown up stuff like, you know, pay bills), but it's also the first time you can  drink and stay out late without mommy or daddy or the cops trying to stop you. So, scary new responsibilities + new found freedom = need for escape. 

I happen to have a different method of escape from a lot of people. When I get upset or frustrated or just generally overwhelmed with life, I write. Nothing compares to the feeling I get when I sit down with a manuscript and work on it for two hours straight. Even if it's causing me tons of problems and there are tons of plot holes and the characters aren't doing what I want them to do...while I'm doing it, I'm happy.

But then there are the times that it gets to be too much. When I get caught up in the business of writing or I get my 28th rejection that month or I just get frustrated or impatient. And that's when I escape into yet another world, where I can live vicariously through people who are doing things I normally don't do but that are normal for them.

Say what you want about Ke$ha -- that she's crazy, trashy, untalented, whatever. But she is providing an escape, an outlet for people like me , people who are looking for a certain kind of escape.

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  1. Writing and reading are great escapes, and much less likely to have negative fall-outs. Just saying :)