Friday, July 19, 2013

5 more things that scare me

Just a few days after I wrote about 5 things that scare me, I thought of 5 more things I'm shocked I couldn't remember the first time around. they are!

1. The ocean

Looks peaceful, right? Sure, the ocean is nice when you're looking out at the sunset or splashing in the waves up on shore. I already mentioned that I have an irrational fear of fish, and guess what the ocean is full of? Fish! And not just cute little Nemo-esque clownfish, but big, dangerous fish with big sharp teeth and slimy scales. Not to mention sting rays that shoot out poison and the fact that if you swim far enough down, you'll get crushed to death by the pressure. That is, if you don't get eaten by a shark first (though thanks to Shark Week, sharks actually don't freak me out that much).

2. Space

By "space," I mean "outer space" and/or "any part of the universe that is not earth." No offense to all those cool places like Jupiter and the Milky Way, but vast, open areas that lack the essentials for human survival (air, water, oxygen, etc.) scare the life out of me. There's a movie coming out in October called Gravity that shows exactly why I could never, ever be an astronaut. Just like the ocean, getting stranded in space presents a multitude of possibilities, none of them even remotely good. There's no telling whether you'll die by getting hit by a meteor, roast (or freeze) in the atmosphere of the nearest celestial being, or just float around for days until you run out of oxygen. Strangely enough, the thought of aliens doesn't really phase me.

3. Blood

I'm getting sick just thinking about blood right now. I can watch teenagers get decapitated or hacked up by a chainsaw thousands of times on screen, but if I get so much as a paper cut, I freak. When I was in college, I went to a lecture one of my bio major suite-mates gave on malaria. At one point, she talked about "retinal hemorrhaging," complete with photos. I got so dizzy I felt like I might pass out. Even talk of bloody injuries makes me see spots.

4. Fire
I only picked this picture because it reminds me of The Hunger Games logo.

Technically, fire is one of those fears that I've already faced and overcome. I used to be scared to even roast marshmallows, but now I don't really mind fire. Still, burning to death is supposed to be one of the most painful ways to go. Even though you only have about ten minutes before your nerves are burned to a crisp and you feel nothing until you die, it's supposedly the ten most painful minutes you can experience.

5. Creepypasta (and other horror stories)

A slightly less morbid fear (operative word: slightly). Even though some of the classic creepypastas (a collective term for horror micro fiction originating online) will make your hair stand on end, none of them are actually lethal. Ever heard of smile dog? No? Just google it. Seriously, do it. And tell me those photos aren't the creepiest things you've ever seen.
If you didn't google it, the smile dog story is about a photograph that drives anyone who sees it to suicide. Every now and then, when I'm trying to go to sleep, I have to shut my eyes tight for fear that that stupid dog is just standing at the foot of my bed, waiting for me to see him and go insane.
Another one that gives me the creeps is actually a Japanese urban legend known as Teke Teke. According to the legend, a girl was run over by a train and lost her legs. Her ghost still roams around, legless, looking for victims to slice in half, just like her.

So, these fears are slightly less rational than the big ones -- loneliness, sociopaths, and the like. I'm probably never going to go into space or get anywhere near the bottom of the ocean. But for whatever reason, these things still send chills up my spine.

What are your irrational fears?

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