Thursday, July 11, 2013

5 things that scare me

There are two types of people: People who run away from their fears, and people who face them head-on. I've always been in the latter category, but there are still some things I'm afraid of and not quite ready to face yet.

1. Death

The ultimate ending, and it can affect anyone at any time. Ultimately, it'll affect all if us, whether the dead person is us or someone we know.
The scariest thing about death is the element of the unknown. Even though we all have our various beliefs about the afterlife, there's no way to know what death is like until you experience it. And by then it's too late to go back.

2. Sociopaths

Even though a very small percentage are actually violent, sociopaths are incapable of feeling remorse or guilt. I'm a really sensitive person, so the idea that someone could hurt me (or anyone else) and not feel bad for it is unsettling.
A few weeks ago, I saw a book my local bookstore written by a sociopath under a pen name. It supposedly debunks myths about sociopaths and the front cover states that they live among us and could be anyone. I guess I should read it to figure out if my thoughts on sociopaths are just stereotypes or irrational fears. But I haven't yet because I'm...well, scared.

3. Loneliness

I'm really introverted and like being alone. But there's a difference between being alone and being lonely. I'm always afraid of losing the few meaningful human relationships I have and not being able to form new ones.

And onto some slightly less depressing fears...

4. Bears

Maybe this one isn't that depressing. Lots of people are killed by bears. Lots of people are also killed by cars and planes and guns. But cars and planes and guns don't usually stroll up to your sidewalk and start rooting through your trash, or corner you in a tent and try to eat your face off.

5. Fish

Probably the weirdest fear ever. I love sushi and fried fish, but live fish freak me out. Their lack of eyelids and vocal cords mean that not only can you not hear them when they're in pain, but once they're dead, they have that creepy death glare. I've been afraid of fish all my life, but a few years ago, had a particularly scarring experience when I saw a dead, half stomped on goldfish on the floor at a pet store.

Rational or not, what are you most afraid of?

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