Thursday, March 6, 2014

My favorite creepypastas

I love creepypastas. A week or so ago, I went on a huge kick and started watching all these YouTube videos of users who would read stories out loud and upload them. It's so much easier to focus on them that way.
I talk a lot about horror and scary stories, but I wanted to share a few (okay, a lot) of creepypastas that I really enjoyed and struck a nerve with me. Whether they scared the life out of me or made me think about something, they might be a great starting point for someone who doesn't know much about creepypasta (or anything at all).

- Smile Dog: This is the story that introduced me to creepypasta, and the only one that still keeps me up at night sometimes. It's sort of a demented version of The Ring, except instead of a video, it's a photograph, and instead of killing you in a week, it can make you go crazy over a period of years, even decades.

- The Cigarette: This story is actually told in second person, which some people hate but I think is really effective here. This one also partially inspired my current WIP (the one that led me to the New Orleans cemeteries a few months ago).

- The Devil Game: This one's also told in second person and is extremely long, but well worth it and really creepy.

- Mr. Widemouth: Mr. Widemouth is extremely strange, telling the story of a little boy who makes friends with a mysterious furby-like creature who might not have his best interests in mind.

Lightning: This story is more disturbing than scary, and is one of the few creepypastas I've read with scenarios that could actually happen.

- The Blind Man's Favor: (Or The Last One) Okay, I guess this one could technically happen too. It's really short and to the point, so you can get a chill in less than a minute.

- The Piano: I found one similar to this awhile back that involved a brother/sister acting duo, but I can't seem to relocate it. But this one is just as good.

- White With Red: This one is sort of a creepypasta classic. Also pretty short, with a "holy crap" twist ending.

- Wake Up: Extremely short and very very disturbing.

- The Expressionless: The accompanying picture makes this one especially chilling, despite a few bits of cheesy imagery.

- The Woman in the Oven: Another very short one that leaves more questions than answers, but has prompted lots of discussion and theories.

- The Girl in the Photograph: Another relatively short one with a "holy crap" ending.

Anyone else have creepypastas they love and want to share?

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